Samsung tops global TV shipments chart in Q3, followed by close rival LG

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Global TV shipments were down 1.9% year-on-year at the end of the third quarter, yet Samsung managed to increase its TV shipments by 6.8% YoY. Samsung is, once again, the top TV vendor in the world, having shipped 10.41 million units in the third quarter alone.The company increased its TV sales from the second quarter of the year when it recorded 8.9 million shipments. However, its closest rival LG is keeping up the pace as well, having shipped 7.44 million units in Q3, up from 5.94 million in Q2.Samsung maintains its lead in the TV segmentSamsung shipped a good portion of all of the TVs that have reached the market in the third quarter. Total shipments have reached 54.97 million, and Samsung TVs accounted for roughly 20% of that. With Black Friday behind us and the holiday shopping season just around the corner, TrendForce estimates that global TV shipments will rise to around 65.5 million units in the fourth quarter of 2019.It remains to be seen if Samsung will maintain its top spot in the global market, but if anyone has a chance of challenging the tech giant, it’s going to be LG. The rivalry between Samsung and LG has been heating up lately, to the point where the latter company has launched a direct attack on LG’s OLED TVs through its YouTube channel as a way to influence prospective buyers into avoiding LG’s solution.

Samsung seemingly has big plans for 2020 as well. The company is said to prepare a new TV lineup for CES 2020, one that could adopt deep-learning AI solutions to improve 8K upscaling as well as audio quality.Are you in the market for a new TV or have you already bought one on Black Friday? Will you buy one by the end of the year, or are you going to wait for the 2020 series to be introduced at CES? Join us in the comment section.

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