Samsung to start remote working pilot program for some employees

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The COVID-19 situation has forced various companies around the world to let their employees work remotely. Even Samsung had to close its factories and stores for a few weeks earlier this year due to the fear of the virus. Now, the company has announced that it will start a pilot remote working program for some of its employees.

After the resurgence of the deadly virus in South Korea a few days ago, the company has mentioned that it will allow its employees in the country to work from home. Those who apply for the remote working program will be able to work from home starting next month. The company will run the pilot program for a month before deciding whether it should continue and expand the remote working program in the future.

Samsung’s employees who work in the mobile and consumer electronics divisions can work remotely, but workers in the company’s chip business arm will be allowed to work remotely only after the assessment of the pilot program. Although the South Korean firm has been allowing remote working to some of its employees since February, only those employees were allowed who are ill or pregnant.

South Korea reported 441 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, its highest daily figure since March 7. The country’s new virus-infected cases have been staying in the three-figures since August 14. Since then, conglomerates, including LG, Hyundai, and Samsung, are adopting remote working programs for their employees.

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