Samsung to showcase successful C-Lab projects at CES 2020

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C-Lab (Creative Lab), now known as C-Lab Inside, is an in-house start-up incubator set up by Samsung in 2012 to enable its employees to explore new business ideas. Later, the Korean company expanded the scope of its incubator by creating C-Lab Outside, a start-up acceleration program to nurture outside start-ups in Korea by providing them resources, access to technical know-how, and more.Every year Samsung picks a few C-Lab projects to showcase them at CES, and it is doing the same this year as well, making it the fifth year C-Lab will be participating in CES. The Korean company has announced that it will showcase five new C-Lab Inside projects and four C-Lab Outside start-ups at CES 2020 at its C-Labs booth in the Eureka Park, Sands Expo, from Jan 7-Jan 11.The five new C-Lab inside projects include:Selfietype – A virtual keyboard solution that combines front-facing camera and a proprietary AI engine to convert finger movements into QWERTY keyboard inputs without any additional hardware.

Hyler – A smart highlighter pen that digitizes analog text and moves it to an app on your phone, enabling search and other capabilities.

Becon – A combination of a hand-held diagnostic device and a companion app to measure scalp condition, analyze the readings, and suggest a solution for hair loss – all at home.

SunnySide – A window-shaped lighting device for generating artificial sunlight that can, among other things, help users synthesize vitamin D indoors. It can be installed like a picture frame on the wall.

Ultra V – An UV monitoring sensor and service that can be integrated into wearable devices. It helps users monitor and manage their skin condition and vitamin D production.

Apart from the new projects, eight older C-Lab Alumni projects – Linkflow, Welt, Linkface, Lululab, Mopic, Monit, AnaloguePlus, and Luple – that have been spun off into full-fledged start-ups will also showcase their newest products at CES 2020.Coming to the C-Lab Outside picks, the company has named the following four start-ups for CES 2020Circulars – An interactive humanoid robot named ‘piBo’ for single-person households, with an option to add new skills and content from the robot application store.

FITT – A healthcare data platform

Vtouch – A gesture-based control system that allows users to control devices without physically touching them.

Smoothy – A video chat application which, among other things, also integrates Samsung’s AR emoji.

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