Samsung to roll out four foldable smartphones in 2021

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Samsung may get busier next year as it plans to introduce not just two but four foldable phones. The year 2021 may be the beginning not only for Samsung but for the foldable phone category. More OEMs are expected to announce their own foldable smartphones together with other unconventional designs. As for the South Korean tech giant, it will only continue to come up with something new and maybe more as it learns from the past few foldable phone releases. Starting with the Galaxy Fold, the company has learned especially when it comes tot the foldable-flexible display technology.

We know there will be a second-gen Galaxy Z Flip. There will also be the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and maybe a Galaxy Z Fold Lite. We’re not sure about the fourth foldable phone model but it could be another flip-type unit. Maybe a Galaxy Z Flip Lite may be announced.

Next year’s foldable phone strategy may include two clamshell foldable (flip-type) and two fold-type models. If you may remember, there is that Samsung W21 5G which is a bigger Galaxy Z Fold 2 exclusive for China. The company may do something similar too next year.

The next-gen Galaxy Z Flip 2 is expected in the first quarter of the year but rumor has it it will be out in the second half. Production may begin in August. It may be one reason why we may not see a Galaxy Note 21 series. Nothing is certain yet so please take things with a pinch of salt.

Sales of the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold2 this year are steady. That is great news despite the pandemic. Many people must have been happy with the performance of those two foldable phones. Even if their prices are expensive, there will still be people who can afford such pricey gadgets.

Samsung may be exploring other foldable phone design ideas but we doubt if they will be implemented or ready in 2021. Samsung may just be close to perfecting the foldable screen business so let’s wait and see.

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