Samsung to release the Galaxy A14 in these three color options

While we eagerly wait for the upcoming Galaxy S23 series to reveal itself in full, Samsung is working on a few other devices that it may or may not announce before the end of the year. One such device is the Galaxy A14 and its 5G, and we now have more details concerning color options, at least for Europe.

As you may have seen in the recently leaked Galaxy A14 render, the phone has a flat back panel and individual circular cutouts for each rear-facing camera. It also has a frame that resembles the Galaxy S22 series, and we’ve seen similar design cues in leaks for other upcoming Samsung phones, including the Galaxy A54.

The first Galaxy A14 render revealed the phone in black, but Samsung apparently plans to release the device in at least a couple more colors, at least in Europe. As usual, color availability may vary by market.

Galaxy A14 5G color options for Europe revealed

We now have more information regarding color options for this upcoming low-cost Samsung device, courtesy of GalaxyClub. The Galaxy A14 5G in Europe will reportedly be available in three color options: black (as seen in the render), dark red, and light green.

It’s unclear if the same color options will apply to the LTE variant. Samsung seems to be working on both a Galaxy A14 LTE and a 5G version. The LTE model might be powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipset, while the Galaxy A14 5G may use the Exynos 1330 SoC. Details are a bit murky, but we’ll keep you posted once more details emerge.

Samsung may unveil the Galaxy A14 for some markets before the end of the year, but the phone will likely go on sale in Europe next year. For reference, the Galaxy A13 5G was announced in December 2021, while the LTE variant was introduced a few months later, in March 2022. A similar launch schedule could apply to the Galaxy A14 and A14 5G.

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