Samsung to pour $40 million into funding 27 research projects this year

Samsung Electronics and the Samsung Science & Technology Foundation have announced a new round of funding for 27 new research projects. The conglomerate plans to spend a combined 48.65 billion won ($40 million) this year to support them.

Samsung will be funding twelve basic science projects, eight projects that revolve around new materials, and seven projects that have to do with quantum computing and future 6G network technologies (via The Investor).

The scope of these projects ranges from anti-aging treatments and cloud services to autonomous driving and semiconductor manufacturing.

Funding research projects for almost 10 years

One team, led by materials engineering professor Choi Young-jae, is developing a new RNA structure refining technology that could improve the refinery rate of RNA-based vaccines to 99% (up from 70%).

Another research team is trying to solve the puzzle as to why some cells age at an accelerated rate than others, and is looking to find treatments for arthritis and age-related diseases.

Research is also being done on new magnetic materials that can increase the resistivity of semiconductors and speed up the commercialization of memory chips that need the capacity to function at extremely low temperatures.

Since 2013, Samsung Electronics and the Science & Technology Foundation have spent roughly 1.5 trillion won ($1.23 billion) on almost a thousand research projects involving about 14,000 researchers.

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