Samsung to launch CamCyclopedia guides for Galaxy smartphone users

Samsung might be working on a new learning tool for mobile photography enthusiasts that use Galaxy smartphones. It’s called “CamCyclopedia” and could become a component of the Samsung Members app.

CamCyclopedia was briefly mentioned at a Galaxy Camera Workshop in South Korea. Many details from the event have surfaced on the Samsung Community forums through a post from a participant. (via TizenHelp)

During the Workshop, Samsung revealed that it plans to keep updating the Expert RAW camera app with more improvements. Furthermore, the company said it wants to make it easier for mobile photography enthusiasts to get the desired shots by giving them a convenient way to learn about photography. This is where CamCyclopedia would come in.

A new tutorial suite for Galaxy mobile photography enthusiasts

CamCyclopedia is supposedly a learning tool; one that Samsung may want to release as a Members app component. It’s unclear when, but CamCyclopedia could certainly help Galaxy smartphone users, especially if it includes Expert RAW tutorials.

In case you didn’t know, Expert RAW is a relatively-new Samsung camera app with pro-grade features and more manual controls, designed for a few select flagship phones. It can achieve fantastic results but isn’t as easy to work with compared to the regular AI-backed Camera app.

By the way, if you’re looking for a few pointers on how to take great photos with Expert RAW on your Samsung flagship phone, especially for the 4th of July (or other events where you might want to capture fireworks), feel free to check out our recent guide. And, of course, stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out more about Samsung’s plans for the so-called CamCyclopedia service.

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