Samsung to explain advantages of Neo QLED TVs via tech seminars

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Samsung unveiled its first Neo QLED TVs earlier this year during its CES 2021 event. The company’s new TVs use Mini LED backlighting to offer massively improved black levels, contrast ratio, and local dimming. Now, the South Korean firm has announced that it will conduct a month-long tech seminar to explain the advantages of Neo QLED TVs.

The company’s tech seminar, which has been happening for the past ten years, started on March 31 and will continue till May 18. This year’s tech seminar will happen online and focus on the Neo QLED technology and its underlying Mini LED and Micro LED technologies. Various industry and media experts will attend the seminar, which will be held sequentially in all regions of the world, including North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southwest Asia, Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs use the Quantum Mini LED technology that uses LED light sources that are 1/40th the size of traditional LED-backlit LCD TVs. As a result, they offer excellent contrast ratio and black levels. They also feature 4,096 brightness levels to offer fine-grain controls. The South Korean firm’s Neo Quantum Processor features powerful AI processing to upscale content to 8K resolution and to improve audio and video quality. The company’s Neo QLED TVs have received praise from globally reputed publications, including German magazine Video, Forbes, and RTINGS.

Samsung Tech Seminar 2021 Neo QLED TV

The company is also focussing a lot on the software front with its new TVs. Tizen has improved over the past few years, implementing support for Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby, AirPlay 2, Active Voice Amplifier, Object Tracking Sound+, and more. Samsung has also launched the Samsung TV Plus video streaming service in various markets to offer viewers quality content for free. Samsung has been the number one TV brand globally for 15 years in a row and is on the path to extend its leadership for the 16th year.

Seong Il-kyung, Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Video Display Division, said, “We are happy to inform industry experts of the outstanding image quality and diverse service of Neo QLED through tech seminars. And consumers who spend more time in the house will be able to experience a different level of daily life through Neo QLED.

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