Samsung to exclude chargers, removes posts taking a jab at Apple

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Samsung Galaxy S21 No Charger

In the next few weeks and until Samsung makes the official announcement, we can expect more details about the Galaxy S21. Rumor has it the phones will no longer come with earphones and even power adapters. This issue has long been debated because not many people are happy with the decision. Apple made it official by releasing the iPhone 12 series without any earphones or chargers. The decision is somewhat understable but we know Apple can never please everybody. The idea that Samsung may follow Apple’s eco-friendly policy has been heard before but it wasn’t the first time.

As early as July, we learned about Samsung’s plans to ship future smartphone without chargers. Samsung is believed to have been working on this strategy but Apple made the announcement first. Apple was made fun of. We remember the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite unboxing seemingly mocking Apple by saying the phone still comes with a charger. But then again we also said Android phone makers may follow the ‘no charger in the box’ plan.

Earlier this month, we also said the Samsung Galaxy S21 may no longer come with a charger. This is likely to happen so we find it interesting now that Samsung has removed posts on Facebook that was mocking the Cupertino family. The next-gen flagship phone may really not include a charger. This will probably help lower the cost for packaging and even shipping.

Samsung needs to compete with other Chinese OEMs that are selling premium flagships with such lower prices. What the company needs to do is cut costs in several areas.

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