Samsung to close another factory in Brazil amid COVID-19 outbreak

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Samsung had closed one of its manufacturing plants in Brazil earlier this week due to health concerns related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, the South Korean firm has announced that it will close another factory in the country for the safety of its employees.According to the latest reports, Samsung has decided to suspend all operations and close the manufacturing facility in Campinas, Sao Paulo, in the southeastern part of Brazil. The plant will remain closed for two weeks, starting Monday until April 12. The company had initially planned to keep it closed from Tuesday to Sunday this week, but decided to extend the temporary shutdown due to concerns related to the spread of the pandemic.The South Korean firm has also said that it has closed all its retail stores in Brazil since Tuesday and asked its employees in other departments to work from home. Samsung Brazil operates two manufacturing plants, seventeen customer service centers, and 300 retail stores.Due to the deadly COVID-19 outbreak, Samsung had to shut down various factories in India, Slovakia, South Korea, the US, and other countries. The company also temporarily closed its retail stores in Canada, China, India, Malaysia, and the US. To help contain the virus, it donated $24.6 million in its home country and helped other brands in manufacturing face masks.

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