Samsung, The Weather Channel partner up for better weather data

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Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will get better weather data under the continued partnership of the Korean OEM and The Weather Channel. They will have access to exclusive new features that may help them make better decisions based on what weather conditions will be like. This is a feature that we oftentimes take for granted but getting things like weather alerts and radar maps are highly useful for our daily lives and now Galaxy Note 10 users will have access to things like these.

The Weather Channel has been powering Samsung Weather across various phones since Galaxy S8 and now they are updating what users can access on the app. Galaxy Note 10 users will now be able to directly connect to so they can view real-time radar maps. You will have access to past-to-future radar data in high res format as well as hyperlocal weather content. You will also get government-issued weather alerts directly on your weather widget and home screen.

According to Yongje Kim, Executive Vice President of Service Business Office, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics, this is part of the brand’s efforts to “deliver seamless services” so that their lives will be more simplified, even with something as seemingly simple as the weather. With this partnership with The Weather Channel, they will be able to do their weather checks “easier, faster, and more essential.”

The upgraded features of Samsung Weather is currently available only for Galaxy Note 10 users and is available worldwide except for China, Japan, and Korea. The government-issued weather alerts are only supported in several countries including Australia, Canada, Japan, Spain, the UK, and the U.S while radar maps are available everywhere except China, Japan, and Korea. Video clips are available in English and Spanish.

As to whether the Samsung Weather update will roll out to other devices, that we still don’t know. But it will probably happen sometime soon. Hopefully.

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