Samsung The Sero TV allows 4K viewing in portrait mode

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Samsung The Sero Smartphone Friendly TV 1

We remember the term Sero being used by Hisense many years ago. There was the Hisense Sero 8 and Hisense Sero 7+. Today, when you hear ‘Sero’, you will now think of a new smart TV. Samsung’s The Sero TV is only one of the dozens of smart TVs the South Korean tech giant offers. We haven’t featured this series yet but the first model was introduced just before the year 2019 ended. At the CES 2020, it was shown off and made its mark as a portrait-standing TV.

It’s only now that the TV is made available for consumers who may need a display that could mirror their phones. Sure, ordinary smart TVs can mirror content from a smartphone but there are apps that are shown best in portrait mode—example: Instagram.

Samsung The Sero TV displays images and videos in both orientations: landscape or portrait. What makes it more special is the swivel. It can even swivel automatically or manually with the use of a remote control, your voice, or from an app.

Samsung’s 43-inch Sero TV costs a lot. Perhaps it’s the swivel mechanism that’s making it special. The price—$1,999— is about the same cost as Samsung’s premium TVs. The 4K QLED TVs are in that price range. We’re not sure if the novelty of the smart TV is worth its price. We just think the idea will be easily copied by other smart TV manufacturers.

Samsung Electronics UK executive Dan Hastings has this to say, “With people now using their TVs in different ways than ever before, whether scrolling through social media, watching the latest viral videos or catching up on TV, The Sero is able to seamlessly adapt to enhance whatever content the user is watching, bringing a more bespoke and optimised experience.”

The smart TV also comes with 60W 4.1ch front-firing speakers. The multi-channel speaker system offers a fully immersive entertainment with the enhanced bass. We expect that you will be watching a lot of content from the phone being mirrored to the TV.


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