Samsung still stringing B2B triumphs, citing global pandemic as inspiration

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While it’s difficult to imagine a year more detached from blissful monotony than what 2020 ended up being, Samsung remains adamant to make the most of these circumstances. Or, better said, some of its key decision makers are committed to doing so. Samsung B2B General Manager and SVP, Taher Behbehani, is one among the executives subscribing to that tenacious school of thought.

The industry veteran recently went on record to claim the novel coronavirus pandemic “inspired” a wide variety of changes to the company’s digital solutions portfolio, ultimately yielding some highly beneficial results.

The secret to sustainable success: When in doubt, work twice as hard

Behbehani’s remark was made in reference to a multitude of work-from-home services Samsung introduced or refined over the course of this year. Among other things, the technology juggernaut expanded its video conferencing portfolio, organized door-to-door device repair services, and greenlit a number of somewhat obvious (but still highly appreciated) endeavors such as a full-fledged remote app testing environment. All the while doubling down on projects like DeX aimed at making computing more accessible and proactively advising both existing and potential customers in an effort to help them acclimatize to this new stay-at-home reality. And that’s on top of pro bono B2B support Samsung has been providing to dozens of small- and medium-sized businesses since early spring.

Samsung’s efforts to reimagine the 21st century workplace aren’t over. On the contrary, it was just yesterday that we found out the company is planning yet another pilot program meant to allow even more of its employees to work remotely in an efficient manner. The target demographic of this particular undertaking is Samsung’s consumer electronics division and its mobile unit, in particular. The experiment will gradually extend to employees of the chaebol’s chipmaking arm, Samsung said.

All things considered, while the future remains somewhat uncertain as the COVID-19 vaccine is still nowhere in sight, Samsung’s isn’t hesitating over what to do. That’s particularly evident in its B2B operations which are simultaneously investing in countless pandemic relief efforts and doing (potential) customer outreach, all in a way that naturally lends itself to a consistent stream of wholesome publicity.

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