Samsung starts selling The Wall TVs in South Korea, offers experience zones

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Samsung has started selling its The Wall lineup of ultra-premium QLED TVs in South Korea. The company had started experience zones for the new TVs at the Samsung Galleria Mall in Gwanggyo, Suwon, Gyeonggi Province on March 31 so that customers could see the massive TV in action.An experience zone for The Wall TV is present at Samsung Electronics’ Premium Store inside the Gwanggyo store’s eighth floor. People can experience the 146-inch version of The Wall. However, the experience is being operated as a customized concierge service and will only be available for those who pre-book the visit.Samsung said in a press release that it would expand experience zones for the TV to more stores across South Korea in the future. People would be able to experience the moon in 8K resolution and Quantum HDR 24X. The South Korean firm will hold various events, including the opening of The Wall Experience Zone, to coincide with the revamp of its store.The Wall TVs are based on the micro LED technology, which offers improved picture quality compared to LCD technologies. It offers 8K resolution, ultra-low reflection backlight technology, improved color volume, and HDR10+. Business and cinema versions of The Wall are available as well, and they offer modular designs.
Samsung The Wall TV South Korea Experience Zone

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