Samsung starting express mobile repair bus service in Germany

Starting October, you will be able to get your Galaxy phone or smartwatch repaired wherever you desire by simply calling up Samsung and asking for one of their express repair vans, at least if you’re in Germany. Samsung has revealed the Express Repair service at IFA 2019 in Berlin – the service will have a fleet of 21 Express Repair buses that will be on call to reach customers at their preferred location to fix their device. Basically, Samsung’s repair shops will now come to you instead of asking you to visit them.According to Samsung, most repairs won’t take more than an hour, and the buses will offer refreshments to customers while they wait and allow them to get comfortable inside. Customers won’t be required to wait around – they can go shopping for groceries or run other errands and come back to get their device once they’re done. It’s unclear if there will be some conditions on where these repair vans/buses can be called, but being able to get your Galaxy device repaired right outside your favorite restaurant or your local grocery store will no doubt be pretty neat.The Express Repair service will go live in 15 German cities starting next month. It remains to be seen if the service will expand to other European markets later down the line. We’re on the ground at IFA 2019 and will be asking Samsung for details and passing them along to you as and when we hear more.

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