Samsung Sound Assistant brings vertical volume bar, other updates

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If you were wondering why Samsung’s Good Lock shop, which added a lot of customizable features to your Galaxy phone, was missing the Sound Assistant app, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Well there was actually no explanation whatsoever but at least you now get the app back in your smartphone. And it comes with a whole new updates so you get a new look and new features, including a vertical volume bar and an app separate sound control feature.

The new Samsung Sound Assistant features a theme called Sero which allows you to move the volume slider to the side of the screen. This will actually match the Android stock design that they’ve been using since Pie. You can also still expand the volume panel so you can adjust the ringtone and notification volume. You will also notice that the icon next to the media slider will actually change to the app that you’re currently using. If you tap on that icon, it will take you directly to that app.

The sound mixer was previously located in a floating action button but now it has been moved to the main panel. You still have the option though to move it to the FAB if you find that easier. There is a new button next to the media volume slider and it will let you switch to the output that you want to use quickly, either speaker or Bluetooth. You can also split apps between those two output options, if you’re using the separate app volume feature.

Enabling that last feature means you can play YouTube Music over your car’s Bluetooth speaker and then use your phone’s speaker to navigate your way around with Google Maps. This feature was actually there previously but got lost in one of the updates. Now though it’s back and is a pretty convenient tool to have especially if you have multiple audio outputs that you want to utilize at the same time.

The update is already rolling out to the Samsung Sound Assistant but sometimes the Good Lock module don’t really show in the Updates tab. What you can do is open the Good Lock app directly so check the various updates that may be available.


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