Samsung SmartThings,Google Nest integration to make smarter homes

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Samsung SmartThings and Google

Samsung and Google are no doubt two of the biggest tech partners in the world today. The two have been doing mobile business for over a decade. While Google has already cut ties with Huawei, it won’t just yet with Samsung. The latter is still the No. 1 phone maker in the world and it will continue to reign within the Android community. The partnership will be strengthened further as the group behind Samsung SmartThings has worked with the tech giant to enhance Nest integration. This means better smart homes for everyone–powered by both Samsung and Google.

Samsung and Google’s team-up adds the Nest products into the SmartThings ecosystem. The latter is already a known IoT ecosystem and it will get bigger with the introduction of more Nest products. The list includes cameras, thermostats, and doorbells from Nest.

The integration means the Nest devices will be certified for SmartThings. They will get the ‘Works With SmartThings’ certification so they can be controlled via the SmartThings system. Nest will not just rely on the Google Assistant but also on SmartThings.

With this integration, both parties will largely benefit. Nest products can work well with Samsung devices as long as through SmartThings. It’s all about automation now as users can do most tasks and activities at home “digitally”.

Samsung Electronics’ Global Vice President IOT/ Business Development & Partnerships, Ralf Elias, said: “SmartThings technology continues to enhance and improve the way we experience smart living. We’re pleased to further strengthen our partnership with Google and integrate Nest into our portfolio to offer users more ways to control and automate their home.”

With the goal to create a universal system where smart devices can work cohesively, this Samsung SmartThings and Google integration is definitely a smart decision. A universal smart home standard has always been the goal of most companies. And such will only be possible if more parties work together.

SmartThings on Google Nest products will begin in January 2021. Let’s wait and see for related updates to roll out.

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