Samsung SmartThings update brings more organized interface

For those who have a lot of smart Samsung things in their home, the SmartThings platform is probably your best friend as it’s the hub that lets you control these devices. The app though is not the most intuitive or has the best user interface. But now, finally we’re getting an update that brings us a new and more organized interface to make managing all your connected smart devices easier. Samsung promises that the transition from the old version to the new one is practically seamless.

The main thing you’ll notice if you’re on the new SmartThings interface is that it’s now organized into five main sections unlike the old one where you see rooms assigned to devices. This time around, you’ll see Favorites, Devices, Life, Automations, and Menu. Not only are things simpler, but the look itself seems to be lighter and easier to navigate. It’s also meant to make it easier to discover and connect devices.

The Favorites section is where you will see the devices, scenes, and services that you use the most so you can access them faster. Devices is where you’ll find, view, and control all the smart devices you have including TVs, light bulbs, appliances, and other devices. The Automations section is where you connect devices so they can work together to make your life easier. They will respond to specific conditions that you set like when a door opens, lights will turn on.

The Life section is where you can discover some of the SmartThings services that can enhance your already smart devices and make them smarter. You will be able to learn enhanced functions to build a truly smart home. You can discover services like SmartThings Cooking that can create “seamless kitchen and meal-prepping experiences.” Lastly, the Menu is of course where you can see additional SmartThings features like SmartThings Labs, Notifications, History, and Settings.

You can now see the new SmartThings interface on Android devices. The Windows app actually came out recently and has the same experience as this new interface so you might say that version came first. It will also come out in iOS devices soon.

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