Samsung SmartThings integrates Smartcar into mobile app

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Samsung SmartThings

The Samsung SmartThings system has been operational since 2014 when the South Korean tech giant acquired SmartThings. It has since made the Internet of Things (IoT) more accessible and easier to use by ordinary consumers. There’s a Samsung SmartThings app that makes smart home management more efficient and it’s getting another update. The newer version is adding Smartcar so you can access your vehicle right on your smartphone. This update is only for those in the United States, at least, for now.

Samsung SmartThings app with Smartcar makes almost all your smart tech devices connected and managed from one app. Samsung has added a Smartcar API so the SmartThings can access your vehicle. This update makes SmartThings the first app to actually control, monitor, and create automation for your cars.

At the moment, SmartThings has over 50 million active users. It connects 10 million phones all over the world. Over 5,000 connected devices are now part of the ecosystem. With the app, users can control and connect their smart devices such as home security systems, doorbells, speakers, lights, electric outlets, cameras, thermostats, and voice assistants.

The Smartcar API will connect cars to the SmartThings app. Most car brands with smart cars are expected to be supported. The integration is now in the works so we’re looking forward to more smart functions such as unlocking doors, reading mileage, and locating a vehicle. The IoT tech lets you create scenes and receive notifications when need.

One example of a scene as shared by our source is “Good night”. It locks your car doors and then turns off the living room lights at the same time. You can also set notifications when the fuel tank level falls below a certain mile range.

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