Samsung Smart Monitor ready for mobile, PC connectivity

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Samsung Lifestyle Smart Monitor

Samsung has long been the top mobile OEM. No, we do not think it will be overtaken by Huawei anytime soon. Not anymore. Aside from smartphones, tablets, and wearables, the South Korean tech giant is also known for its processors, displays, home appliances, and other smart home devices. We know about the SmartThings ecosystem. We’ve been waiting for the Galaxy Home devices but they may take a while. What is already available is the Samsung Lifestyle Smart Monitor. The company has announced the global availability of the product.

The Smart Monitor is a special screen that allows better productivity, thanks to its many features for work, entertainment, and learning. It combines PC and mobile productivity to make online learning and remote home office effective for the consumers.

The Samsung Smart Monitor features Smart Hub which is more like a smart TV platform. We now live in the ‘new normal’ so it is best that we have the gadgets necessary to survive. Well, you may say this is non-essential but since most people all over the globe are staying at home, it is best if the home is well-connected.

Samsung Electronic’s Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business Hyesung Ha shared: “Around the world, work, education and entertainment have transformed into home-centered activities. With this new normal, it is no surprise that most indicators show a rise in digital activities and many are rethinking their technology use at home. Our new Smart Monitor is a direct response to that demand. Consumers no longer have to choose between a screen for one or the other as this display brings it all together.”

You can connect the Samsung Smart Monitor with smartphones and computers via a special app. It’s like a monitor that can also be used with Samsung DeX. It works with Microsoft Office 365 apps even without a PC as made possible by the embedded WiFi. Other special features include Remote Access, a USB Type-C port for data transfer, Bluetooth 4.2, a built-in two channel speaker, and Adaptive Picture for optimization.

The Samsung Smart Monitor comes in two models: the 32-inch M7 with Ultra-High Definition and the 32-inch or 27-inch M5 with Full HD resolution. The product is up for sale in China, Canada, and the United States. Other markets will get it before the month of November ends.

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