Samsung slaps a giant 32-inch display on its latest refrigerator

Ahead of CES 2023 next week, Samsung has unveiled its latest Bespoke Family Hub refrigerator. It features a giant 32-inch touchscreen display that can be used to watch videos, control SmartThings-compatible smart home devices, post sticky notes, look at recipes, or view family photos.

The Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus will be showcased at Samsung’s CES 2023 booth in Las Vegas, USA, from January 5, 2023. Compared to the previous-generation refrigerator, which had a 21.5-inch display, the new model’s screen is more than twice the size at 32 inches. Users can watch more than 190 channels in the US or around 80 channels in South Korea through the Samsung TV Plus app. Videos can also be viewed in picture-in-picture mode.

Since the display is portrait-oriented, it is optimized for vertical format videos from services like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. Users can also display artwork and paintings on the screen using Samsung’s Bespoke Atelier app.

The Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus has built-in SmartThings, which means that users don’t need to buy a separate IoT hub. It brings six SmartThings services: SmartThings Energy, SmartThings Cooking, SmartThings Air Care, SmartThings Home Care, SmartThings Pet Care, and SmartThings Clothing Care.

Until now, Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerators only had OneDrive integration. But with the latest model, Samsung has added support for Google Photos. The South Korean firm has also added Amazon Your Essentials integration so that you can order essential groceries with just one tap. Expect the refrigerator to go on sale after a few weeks in South Korea and the US.

Lee Jun-hwa, VP of Samsung Electronics’ Home Appliance division, said, “Samsung Electronics’ newly introduced Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub provides a vastly expanded experience as much as the larger screen. We will lead the innovation and evolution of refrigerators by reflecting style trends.

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