Samsung ships first million EUV-based DDR4 RAM modules

Samsung announced its first million 10nm class D1X DDR4 RAM modules based on the EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) lithography process have been shipped as the company is planning to move its entire production on the EUV lines next year. These modules are expected to find their way to customers in the PC, mobile and enterprise server product categories.
Samsung ships first million EUV-based DDR4 RAM modules
This development positions Samsung as the first semiconductor manufacturer to use the EUV process in DRAM production, overcoming the previous challenges in scaling. Samsung plans to incorporate the EUV process in its large scale DRAM production later this year and is also preparing to open a second semiconductor product line at its Pyeongtaek factory in South Korea to account for the growing demand for its new EUV-based DRAM solution.


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