Samsung shares tips to achieve healthier lifestyle, higher productivity using Galaxy Watch

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, people are stuck in their homes and most of them are unable to pursue their workouts to stay healthy. Work from home also means lots of media streaming and unregulated screen time, leading to digital overload. Now, Samsung has shared some tips so that you achieve a healthier lifestyle, digital detox, and higher productivity using your Galaxy Watch.Samsung’s Galaxy Watch wearables encourage healthy habits around the clock based on actionable insights. The Daily Activity widget offers a view at all health goals, including active time, calories, exercise, and steps, in a single view. Galaxy Watch devices can automatically detect and track up to 39 workouts. You can also compete with your friend or partners using the Together feature.A Galaxy Watch can also be used to track stress levels and help in restoring energy levels through guided breathing exercises. You can also monitor caffeine, food, and water intake, making sure that you’re keeping yourself hydrated and not snacking unnecessarily while you stay at home. When you lose track of time while working and amid back-to-back conference calls, the Galaxy Watch prompts you to take a break and get going.When you end your busy day, the Galaxy Watch tracks your sleep so that you can make sure you’re getting enough rest. Samsung has also released the Hand Wash app, which reminds you to wash your hands so that you stay safe from a possible coronavirus infection.You can check messages, take calls, and read news directly from your wrist, cutting back on smartphone screen time and helping you in avoiding distractions. You can also control compatible smart home products right from your wrist, thanks to SmartThings, boosting your productivity while working. With Goodnight Mode and Do Not Disturb modes, you can prevent disturbances when you’re sleeping.

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