Samsung shares “hidden feature” life hacks on Galaxy wearables

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Samsung has made it obvious that they are not just focusing on smartphones and tablets but wearables are also an important part of their portfolio development. Over the years we’ve seen various smartwatches and earbuds added to their product lines and they have added a lot of features to make life more productive and easier for its users. Recently they shared four “hidden features” that will add “convenience and simplicity” to the daily routines of those who own the latest Galaxy wearables.

The Smart Lock feature has been around since 2014 but not a lot of people are aware of it. It lets you unlock your smartphone in places or situations where you feel secure enough to do so without using fingerprint scanner or password. When your Samsung Galaxy smartphone is connected to your Galaxy smartwatch, or when your phone is detected to be on your body, it can remain unlocked. You can also choose to automatically unlock it when you’re in a specific location.

For those using Samsung earbuds, there’s a feature called Buds Together that lets you share your music with another pair of nearby earbuds without sacrificing sound quality. Just tap on the Music Share icon on your smartphone and choose the earbuds that you want to share your music with. The other owner has to accept the invitation before they can listen to the music that is playing on your earbuds. This is available on Samsung Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro.

The Auto Switch feature is available for the Galaxy Buds Pro or devices running one One UI 3.1 or above and lets you seamlessly switch between connected devices when you need to. One example is for when you receive a call on your Galaxy smartphone while you’re playing a game on your Galaxy tablet. Instead of having to disconnect and reconnect your earbuds, it can automatically switch the Bluetooth connection when you answer the call.

The Hand Wash app is pretty important now when we’re still in the midst of a pandemic. The latest update automatically detects when you wash your hands and starts a 25-second countdown, the prescribed hand-washing time. However, this auto-detect feature’s availability varies per market, carrier, and device. Otherwise, you can use the manual feature on the Hand Wash app.

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