Samsung rolls out Android 10 in One UI Beta Program

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The rumors have been going around that we’ll be seeing a beta version of the Android 10 in Samsung devices soon. And now, it’s official: Samsung has announced that the One UI Beta Program will let you experience the unified mobile experience ahead of everyone else, that is if you have a Galaxy S10 and you’re in the country where the beta has started rolling out. While they did not specify where exactly that will be, reports are saying that the countries are South Korea, Germany, and the U.S.

What are the features of the One UI and Android 10 anyway? Well, first of all, dark mode fans will be able to enjoy an enhanced version of it. Images, texts, and colors will be adjusted when in dark mode so it’s still visible but also comfortable to the eyes and it’s also battery consumption reducing, just as a dark mode should do. Another more visibly comfortable feature in the One UI is that your Smart Lock screen will adjust the color and format of the clock and notification so you will still be able to see them clearly.

One UI also now comes with a “clean and easy-to-use interface” where the notifications take up less space, you get minimized pop-ups, and you are able to stay focused on whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing. Fullscreen is the name of the game and whatever is distracting you from your task or game or video has been placed “outside” and can still be accessed through a few swipes.

Your Digital wellbeing is also important for Samsung’s One UI so it gives you even more tools to help you find the balance between online and offline. You have Focus Mode to let you pause apps and usage tracking tools to help you manage your screen time. You can also take care of your smartphone’s health with the intuitive Device Care menu which also gives you access to essential functions.

You can check if you have access to the beta program by going to the Samsung Members app and looking for a notification. The One UI / Android 10 is available for the Galaxy S10E, S10, S10 Plus, and S10 5G.

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