Samsung reveals pre-order details for Galaxy Buds 2, Galaxy Watch 4

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Now that we’ve officially found out all we need to know about Samsung’s new devices, the next phase would be pre-ordering and waiting for when it will be officially available. Since Samsung is a Korean brand, it’s that they first become available in their home country of course. They have now announced the pricing and pre-order details for their next-generation truly wireless earbuds Galaxy Buds 2 and their new smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 4. The pre-order period will be from August 17-23.

While we don’t know yet what the US pricing and details will be, knowing about how much it will cost in South Korea should give us an idea. According to SAM Mobile, the Galaxy Buds 2 are priced at KRW 149,000 or around $128. It will come in four colors: Graphite, Lavender, Olive, and White, which will probably be the colors available as well in other territories. Those who pre-order it will get a Galaxy Z Flip 3-style Flip Case, which will only be useful of course if they have a Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch 4 40mm will cost buyers KRW 269,000 or around $230 while the 44mm version is slightly more expensive at KRW 299,000 or $256. There are also LTE variants and the 40mm and 44mm will cost KRW 299,200 and KRW 330,000 respectively. The 40mm variants will have Black, Pink Gold, and Silver colors while the bigger 44mm version will have Black, Green, and Silver color options. Those who are members of the First Trial Team were actually able to purchase the smartwatches in limited quantities.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will come in 42mm and 46mm variants and will be priced at KRW 369,000 and KRW 399,000 respectively while the LTE versions will cost KRW 399,300 and KRW 429,000 respectively. The only colors available for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will be of course the classic colors of Black and Silver. Those who pre-order the LTE variants of the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will get Google Play Store credits of KRW 20,000 or around $17 while those who pre-order the Bluetooth version will get a charging dock.

The pre-order period for the Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Watch 4 starts on August 17 until August 23. Devices start shipping and arriving on doorsteps by August 24.

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