Samsung reveals more details about its BESPOKE Home 2021 event

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Last month, Samsung announced that it would conduct a special launch event titled BESPOKE Home 2021 on May 11. While the company had not detailed what it will showcase during the event, it had mentioned that it will “unveil new experiences and a new way of living.” Today, the South Korean firm had revealed that it will launch new and improved home appliances at the event.

The company will expand its lineup of BESPOKE home appliances globally. It will also launch an “expansive range of new purposeful lifestyle appliances during the event.” BESPOKE is the name of Samsung’s high-end and customizable home appliances, including refrigerators, air purifiers, dishwashers, water purifiers, inductions, direct-fired ovens, and microwaves. Samsung said that it will also unveil a completely new range of lifestyle appliances during the event.

The appearance of Samsung’s new home appliances can be customized in terms of colors and materials, which means that customers can mix and match the looks to suit their home décor and lifestyle demands. The products will also be modular and have a flexible feature set such as a refrigerator with extremely adjustable shelves and temperature settings.

Bespoke Home 2021 Refrigerator

The company said that the response to its BESPOKE refrigerators has been tremendous. The 4-Door Flex, 1-Door Column, and Bottom-Mount Freezer (BMF) refrigerator models will be launched in the US later this year. The 1-Door Column and BMF models will be launched in Europe and other parts of the world in the second half of 2021. Samsung will also announce its partnership with leading designers during its upcoming event.

Samsung’s BESPOKE lineup of home appliances for 2021 will also be smarter, thanks to AI and SmartThings integration. Some refrigerators might also have giant screens that can control smart home products, order groceries online, and watch videos about new recipes. The devices would also be more durable and power-efficient so that consumers can reduce their carbon footprint.

You can watch the event live on, Samsung’s YouTube channel, and Samsung Newsroom on May 11 at 23:00 KST (10:00 EDT, 15:00 BST, 21:00 Thailand).

J.S. Lee, President and Head of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics, said, “While the role of appliances hasn’t changed much over the past century, our home lifestyles have changed rapidly. Today’s homes are smarter, and our tastes in design are more diverse and sophisticated. We expect our appliances to reflect the way we live now. That’s why we created Bespoke —tailor-made to fit today’s more plugged-in needs and refined tastes.

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