Samsung reveals behind the scenes of the Galaxy Z Flip

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As their new foldable display smartphone hits the market today, Samsung wanted to share some of the “secrets” behind the Galaxy Z Flip. They released a 1-minute video showing off the mechanisms behind the clamshell flip phone and also gave a detailed post telling the story of the device’s “fashion-forward design”. While it probably reminds you of the smartphones from the early 2000s when clamshells were the in thing, it also brings us new technologies to match our current lifestyles needs.

One of the interesting things that Samsung shared about the Galaxy Z Flip is that they developed this thing called Hideaway Hinge which allows the device to open at a certain angle and not just all the way through. It lets the phone “stand on its own” because of this hinge that they came up with after some exhaustive research. It gives “a new layer of convenience to the user experience” because it is not just foldable but is also in a way, standable.

It would have been so easy for the flip phone to be slippery and therefore easily breakable. But what they have given us, at least on paper, is a device with a comfortable grip and a “smooth glass finish” with layers of colors. No matter which of the colors you choose, it reflects varied hues depending on the angle at which you fold the device. There are currently three colors available: Mirror Purple, Mirror Black, and Mirror Gold.

Samsung also tested out several form factors until they settled on the 73.6mm size that is small enough to fit into your palm and slip into your bag or pocket but is still pretty usable. When the cover is closed, you still get information like date, time, battery status, and even lets you take a decent selfie since you can see how you look. But when the device is opened, you get a 6.7-inch display so you can do all your smartphone things.

The Galaxy Z Flip has now gone on sale in the US and South Korea. It will probably roll out in other markets over the next few days. You’ll have to spend more than a thousand dollars tough to get your hand on these clamshell babies.


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