Samsung revamps Electronic Membership program in Korea

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One thing that brands know how to do is to keep your loyal customer base happy. We see various membership and loyalty programs abound and Samsung is no exemption. Well, at least if you’re in South Korea. They have their Samsung Electronics Membership program since 2009 in their native country and now they’re revamping it by upgrading around 700,000 members to a Star rating and adding a new Blue Package service to give benefits from affiliates depending on your lifestyle.

The Samsung Electronics Membership program now has four tiers and where your place in that tier is dependent on how much you’ve spent on Samsung products for the past two years. Royal Blue is for those that have spent more than $12,500 on products for the past couple of years while those who are on the Prestige tier spent $6,500. The change has happened in the Star tier as it’s now for those who have spent around $2,400. This means more than 700,000 have been elevated to Star status from General Membership.

They have also added a Blue Package service where depending on your lifestyle, you get benefits from affiliates ranging from culture, leisure, and sports. You can get things like home games between sponsored sport teams, premium knowledge content, and discounted access to museums. For newlyweds, they’re also offering special benefits like free membership service for Samsung appliances like ACs, dryers, cooking ranges, refrigerators, etc.

Membership customers can also take part in a quiz event which will run until June 17. The Managing Director of Samsung Korea, Yoon Tae-Sik said that what they have prepared are services to match the lifestyle of their customers. They will continue to listen to what they want and bring “more advanced services” later on.

There is no indication that any such membership program will happen in countries other than Korea. It’s understandable of course since that’s their strongest base but it would be nice for Samsung fans elsewhere to have some version of it.

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