Samsung remains top U.S. smart TV brand in 2020

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Despite numerous challenges that emerged over the course of this year, Samsung’s smart TV business is looking stronger than ever. Especially in the United States, where the company currently accounts for 32% of all Wi-Fi-connected households. That’s more than its two closest rivals – Alcatel/TCL and Vizio – have combined (27%), new industry data from Statista reveals. The company’s stateside success hence continues to mirror its global performance, as Samsung has been the world’s most popular TV brand for 14 consecutive years at this point.

What’s more, the TV market is still growing, both in the U.S. and internationally, so Samsung’s medium-term outlook in the segment is looking even more optimistic. In other words, no other category of consumer electronics is currently threatening smart TVs, despite the fact that over 90% of stateside households already own at least one such device.

Samsung looking comfortable for the time being

Today’s report reaffirms Samsung’s dominant position in the smart TV space that the company has been reinforcing for a while now. Because while the majority of its divisions suffered amid government-mandated lockdowns since the beginning of the year, a global pandemic actually ended up boosting global demand for its products. Particularly in the higher end of the niche, aka the segment where the real money is being made.

Moving forward, Samsung is restructuring some of its TV production operations as it continues pivoting away from old LCD technology. That process is close to being completed following last month’s blockbuster sale of Samsung’s Suzhou, China-based TV factory to a TCL subsidiary for over $1 billion.

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