Samsung remains the king of European smartphone market in Q1 2024

The launch of the Galaxy S24 brought good news for Samsung across the world. The company managed to get back to the number one position globally. In Europe, the company managed to increase the gap between itself and Apple, the second-biggest brand in the region.

Samsung was the biggest smartphone brand in Europe in Q1 2024

According to the latest numbers from Counterpoint Research, Samsung was the biggest smartphone brand in Q1 2024. Its market share was 32%, and its sales increased 7% during the first quarter of this year compared to Q1 2023. However, its sales volume increase wasn’t as good as the overall sales rise in the European market, which was at 10%.

For the first time in two years, the South Korean firm regained its number one position in central and eastern European regions from Xiaomi.

You can see detailed figures in the graph below.

Samsung Smartphone Market Share Europe Q1 2024 Counterpoint Research

Apple captured a 25% share of the European smartphone market, two percentage points lower than last year. This means that iPhone sales decreased this year while Samsung sales increased. iPhone sales are expected to continue dropping until the launch of the iPhone 16 in Q4 2024. According to the market research firm, the Galaxy S24 was very well-received by European customers.

Xiaomi’s sales increased by 11% compared to last year, and its overall market share in the European smartphone market was 18%, which is impressive. However, Honor and Realme were the brands that showed the highest growth. Honor’s sales increased by 67% to reach a market share of 4%, while Realme’s sales rose by 59% to reach a market share of 4%.

All other brands combined accounted for the remaining market share of 18%. Since Q2 2020, due to their patent troubles with Nokia, sales of OnePlus and OPPO have dropped by a huge margin, and they have dropped out of the top five rankings.

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