Samsung PlayGalaxy Link now available on Windows, Android

Samsung Play Galaxy Link Launch

Back in April, Samsung filed for a patent of PlayGalaxy Link. We immediately thought it’s a new gaming platform because you know, it’s all about mobile gaming and streaming these days. It can rival Google Stadia because of the game streaming platform idea. Last month, the Samsung PlayGalaxy Link on Galaxy Note10 was demoed on video. It was a quick hands-on video of what could be the future of gaming. The service works with a premium Galaxy phone although we’re expecting it can also work with mid-range devices.

Game streaming is definitely new territory for Samsung but we don’t doubt it can deliver. But of course, we have yet to try this one. Along with the Galaxy Note 10, the PlayGalaxy Link was announced as a game streaming platform.

The app is now available on Android via APK Mirror (beta for now). The site is also now up and running. You may want to give it a try on your PC and phone or tablet with a keyboard, mouse, or controller. Game streaming is free.

You need to have the games installed on your Windows 10 PC. Register them with the app. The Play Galaxy Link should recognize them right away. A list of your PC games will then be shown.

Play Galaxy Link is still in beta. It’s only playable in South Korea and the United States, at least, for now. The PlayGalaxy Link mobile app is on APK Mirror while the Windows app can be downloaded directly from You can also check the Galaxy Store on your Galaxy device.

Samsung PlayGalaxy Link is only limited to the new Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ phones. It will be ready on other devices in the near future. Other regions will also be able to enjoy the new game streaming platform but we’ll have to wait for related announcements.

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