Samsung PlayGalaxy Link detailed, stream games from PC to phone

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Samsung PlayGalaxy Link Infographic

The Samsung PlayGalaxy Link was first heard of last April when the company filed for a patent. It was thought to be a new gaming platform. PlayGalaxy Link with Galaxy Note10 was then demoed on video. It soon arrived for Galaxy S10 phone owners and added Android 10 support with the latest update. Just a while ago, we shared with you the good news the Samsung Galaxy S9, Note 9, and the Galaxy A90 owners will also get to enjoy the top mobile brand’s mobile gaming platform.

Today, Samsung has detailed the PlayGalaxy Link–how streaming games is possible and how the system brings PC power into your pocket. Cloud gaming and game streaming are relatively new ideas but they are getting enough support from all kinds of mobile gamers. Even hardcore, old school gamers are considering such because of the convenience offered.

The tech isn’t exactly perfect yet. The Google Stadia was reported recently to be overheating. As for the PlayGalaxy Link, its availability is limited to only a few Galaxy phone owners.

PlayGalaxy Link allows you to stream your PC games to a compatible Samsung Galaxy device. Initially, it was only the Galaxy Note 10 but was also made available for the Galaxy S10. More phones are getting the same.

If you have a lot of games on your PC, you can play them on your smartphone. This is beneficial especially if there is no mobile version yet of the game. Cloud gaming is different as it allows you to stream games from a server to your phone or a display. The PlayGalaxy Link does the opposite–it brings games from a computer to your Android phone.

To set up the PlayGalaxy Link, start by installing the PlayGalaxy Link app on both Galaxy phone and PC. Simply add your games and then stream. Feel free to connect and Bluetooth or wired controller.

PlayGalaxy Link Beta is now available in the US, South Korea, UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, France, and Singapore. More Galaxy devices are expected to receive support for the gaming platform. The latter will also expand to more key markets. View complete infographic HERE.

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