Samsung phone parts worth over $330,000 stolen during transport

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Mobile phone parts are worth a great deal of money and it’s not uncommon for them to get stolen. Most heists take place when large quantities of parts are being moved to warehouses. Given the scale at which Samsung manufactures devices, it has parts worth tens of millions of dollars on the road at any given moment.One such shipment was hit by six people in Noida, India. Samsung’s largest mobile phone manufacturing facility in terms of production capacity is located here. The parts were stolen from a vehicle carrying them to a warehouse.All of the stolen parts have been recoveredPolice in Noida has arrested six people, including three truck drivers, for allegedly stealing Samsung’s mobile phone parts. The value of these parts is said to be INR 25 million which is the equivalent of just over $330,000 at prevailing exchange rates.Fortunately for Samsung, none of its parts were lost. The police have recovered 56 boxes that contain all of the stolen parts. The primary suspects were involved in the company’s transport works and their co-conspirators include a scrap-dealer, a truck driver and a person in whose home the stolen goods were kept.The mastermind drove the truck that had valuable parts as cargo. He claimed that he had delivered the shipment to the warehouse, parked the truck and went home. He discovered only when he returned in the morning that all of the boxes containing the parts were missing.The accused were later arrested when they tried to sell off the stolen goods over the weekend but were arrested red-handed with 47 boxes. The remaining boxes were recovered in Delhi. Legal proceedings are now underway against the accused.

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