Samsung Pay will soon be able to store your COVID-19 vaccination records

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Samsung will soon allow customers to store their COVID-19 vaccination record in digital format on their Galaxy smartphone, as long as they have access to Samsung Pay. The company has partnered with non-profit health care data organization The Commons Project to bring vaccination records to Samsung Pay customers.

The process is simple and involves the CommonHealth app available at the Google Play Store. Galaxy smartphone owners with access to Samsung Pay will soon be able to use the CommonHealth app to authenticate their COVID-19 vaccination records, after which they can add these details to Samsung Pay.

When traveling, customers will have the option of displaying their vaccination records on a Galaxy device through a QR code generated by Samsung Pay.

How soon will COVID-19 vaccination records come to Galaxy devices?

Samsung is reportedly rolling out this new Pay feature to a small number of devices for a short pilot run. However, the company plans to bring vaccination records to every Samsung Pay customer before the end of the week.

Unfortunately, Samsung Pay is available in a fairly limited number of markets — a little over two dozen countries, to be precise — so the handy vaccination records in digital format won’t be available for everyone, everywhere.

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