Samsung Pay: Supported banks in Germany

Samsung Pay has been around for a few years now and while it’s available in many markets across Europe, Germany was always missing from the list. The company may have faced an uphill battle trying to get local banks to partner with it for the mobile payments service. That’s why Samsung took a slightly different approach in order to bring Samsung Pay to Germany.

Samsung usually partners with individual banks in every country to launch its mobile payments service. This meant that even if the service was available in your country, your ability to use it was contingent upon your bank working with Samsung.

Instead of chasing after German banks, Samsung teamed up with Visa and Solarisbank AG, a Berlin-based fintech company, to launch Samsung Pay in the country. This means that anybody in Germany can use Samsung Pay regardless of the bank they chose to keep their money in.

Once registered with Samsung Pay, users receive a virtual Visa debit card that can be linked to almost any German bank account. The actual process of making payments with Samsung Pay is just like it is in other markets. Just swipe over the lock or start screen of the device to access Samsung Pay and tap it to the payment terminal.

Have questions about Samsung Pay? Check out our dedicated page to see what Samsung Pay is all about, the devices it supports, how you can set up and use Samsung Pay, supported banks in other countries, and more.

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