Samsung Pay now allows Australian users to make high-value purchases without PIN

Samsung has launched a new feature in Australia that allows Samsung Pay users to validate high-value purchases without entering the PIN. The CDCVM (Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method) feature, which applies to transactions above $100 (or $200 with some merchants), allows users to verify high-value purchases using their own device rather than touching the PIN pad on the PoS (Point of Sale) device.

Samsung Pay users in Australia can validate high-value transactions using fingerprint, iris, or PIN on their compatible smartphones. The CDCVM feature is not only faster but also allows users to maintain a greater level of hygiene, which is incredibly helpful during this pandemic.

The CDCVM feature is now available to Australian Samsung Pay users who have AMEX, MasterCard, and VISA cards via a software update. However, MasterCard users who added their cards to the Samsung Pay app before July 21 would need to delete their cards and add them again to enable the new feature.

Mark Hodgson, Head of Services at Samsung Australia, said, “The launch of Samsung’s new CDCVM solution is the result of our ongoing investment in offering our Australian customers with the best possible digital wallet experience. CDCVM provides users with a payment experience which is both convenient and secure, and faster at the checkout.

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