Samsung Pay launches in Germany and it’s better than everywhere else

Samsung Pay continues to expand into new markets and the latest country to support the service is Germany. Indeed, Samsung customers in Germany haven’t had access to Samsung Pay until now, but all this wait may have been worth it because of how the service is being released in the country.

Samsung usually partners with individual banks in every country to bring Samsung Pay to its customers. In other words, even if Samsung Pay is available in your region, it may or may not be available for your bank of choice. However, Samsung has devised another solution for releasing its mobile payment solution in Germany.

The company partnered with Visa and Berlin-based fintech company Solarisbank AG to bring Samsung Pay to Germany, and essentially, this means that Samsung Pay customers in the country can link almost any bank account to the service, even if the bank itself doesn’t support a mobile payment platform.

When exactly will Samsung Pay be available in Germany?

A beta version of Samsung Pay is going live in Germany today. Galaxy smartphone owners can apply to join the beta program as long as they own a compatible device. The list of devices that have been added to the beta version of Samsung Pay is limited but includes the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 10, and Galaxy Note 20 series, as well as the Galaxy Z Flip, the Galaxy Fold, and the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The beta program doesn’t support the Galaxy S10 Lite or the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Samsung Pay will exit the beta phase and become widely-available from October 28.

If you’re unfamiliar with Samsung Pay, you can check the following link for a full explanation of what the service is, how it works, where else it’s available, what devices support it, and how to get the service running on your device.

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