Samsung Pay Cash, international money transfers now on Samsung Pay

There are several mobile payment platforms out there already but Samsung Pay is one of the best in terms of options. It supports MST, NFC, PayPal, credit cards, and even cashback awards and Samsung Pay Rewards. Now it looks like they are going to improve the platform even more by introducing two new things to the beta program (at least for now): Samsung Pay Cash virtual debit card and Travelex integration for money transfers to and from anywhere in the world (well, as long as it’s supported there).

As per Samsung Care Ambassador Rydah on Twitter, you will now be able to send and receive funds directly within the Samsung Pay app through the Samsung Pay Cash card. The folks over at XDA Developers say it may be their response to Apple Pay Cash, since it is similarly named. You will be able to add money through any of your connected debit or credit cards in Samsung Pay. The former will incur a $0.25 fee while the latter will get a 3% fee.

The other new thing that is being added to Samsung Pay is international money transfers. Through Travelex, you will be able to send money and exchange currencies in various countries around the world. You can choose to transfer directly to a bank account or to a “premium” transfer service or start a cash pickup process. It also automatically converts it to several supported currencies.

While Google Pay has a wider market because almost all Android devices can have it on their smartphone, Samsung Pay currently has more features that can be useful for users. But of course, Samsung users are the ones benefitting from this. Let’s see if Google will eventually be able to match them by adding more tools and services and expanding to other countries.

Samsung Pay Cash and International money transfers are available to Samsung Pay beta users in the US. It will probably roll out eventually to other territories as well.

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