Samsung patents Nonacell brand right in time for Galaxy S20 Ultra launch

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Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S20 Ultra with a 108MP camera that has the ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor. It will feature 9-in-1 pixel-binning technology, and the Korean company has just patented the name Nonacell for it to spare us the tongue twister. It’s also in line with Tetracell that the company uses to brand its version of the Quad-Bayer sensors.
Samsung patents Nonacell moniker right in time for Galaxy S20 Ultra launch
According to a plethora of leaked images and renders, the Galaxy S20 Ultra will have a periscope camera that will reach “100x space zoom”, which is likely 10x optical, and the rest being digital magnification. It will have a 48MP or 64MP sensor and periscope optics for the telephoto module.
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in real lifeSamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in real life
The 108MP shooter, however, is expected to be the main snapper. It will produce images with over one hundred megapixels in ideal conditions, but it is more likely to produce 12MP shots with amazing detail and realistic colors. The setup is also expected to have a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle camera and a ToF sensor. This whole ensemble will be packed in a massive rectangle, which will be half as wide as the whole handset.

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