Samsung organizes world’s first concert tailor-made for vertical video

Samsung recently inaugurated the Samsung KX experience store in King’s Cross, London. As part of the launch celebrations, the Korean company organized the world’s first vertical-stage concert to cater to the growing popularity of vertical videos. UK pop star Mabel and her band performed at the event, which saw around 2,000 Londoners gather at Samsung KX to enjoy the gig.Samsung built a three-story stage which had the DJ, the band, Mabel and her dancers performing on different levels to perfectly fit into a vertical video for Instagram and other social media services. Harman technology, a subsidiary of Samsung which specializes in audio equipment, was also involved in the experiment.

Sharing the reviews on the gig, Mabel said, “London will always be close to my heart as I’ve made so much music here and I’m honoured and excited to headline the world’s first vertical gig at Samsung KX. This type of forward-thinking performance paves the way for more innovation within the city’s live music scene.”

“We are thrilled to deliver a world first music event for our guests at Samsung KX; this experience was designed to give fans the ultimate performance tailored specifically for instant sharing. We pride ourselves on creating innovations that defy barriers and tonight’s vertical stage performance alongside a panel of thought leaders showcased how if we work together, we can do just that,” said Tanya Weller, Director of Samsung KX Showcase.

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