Samsung OneUI 2.0 to improve face recognition

With the Android 10 beta for Galaxy S10 devices already out we are getting some sneak peek into the changes Samsung is bringing to its OneUI interface. There are two new features present in the beta which will aim to enhance the face recognition functionality.

The first one is called “alternative look” which will help your phone recognize your face even when you change your appearance. As expected this feature will require you to register your face when you change your appearance.

Additionally the face recognition will require you to keep your eyes open while unlocking your device which should help improve security.

OneUI 2.0 Face recognition options
OneUI 2.0 Face recognition options

The new Android 10 beta with OneUI 2.0 is currently live in South Korea, the US and Germany. It’s expected to come to more regions soon but we’ll have to wait for official confirmation from Samsung on when that’s happening.


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