Samsung offers an inside look at Galaxy Z Flip’s Hideaway Hinge

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The Galaxy Fold was Samsung’s first foldable phone, and it was riddled with issues. Dirt and grain could easily seep into its hinge as it was not properly covered from the sides. Earlier this year, the company released its second foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, with a much-improved hinge design that has added protection from all the sides.The South Korean firm is now offering us an inside look at the Galaxy Z Flip’s hinge mechanism via a new video. The second-generation hinge design from Samsung holds the whole phone together, and the company says that designing it was no easy feat. It had to design the hinge in such a way that it did not add bulk but still managed to keep dirt and sand away.The patented Hideaway Hinge technology uses two groundbreaking innovations: dual CAM mechanism and sweeper. The ridge-shaped dual CAM mechanism offers a gradual folding experience, and you can think of it as a dimmer when compared to a light switch. A light switch can only be turned on or off, while the dimmer offers many degrees of control.Thanks to the Hideaway Hinge and its dual CAM mechanism, the Galaxy Z Flip’s screen can be opened and set at any angle. In comparison, the Galaxy Fold could only be opened at certain angles. The new hinge makes it possible for users to capture selfies and video chat hands-free. You can have a look at its internal mechanism in the video below and read our Galaxy Z Flip review here.

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