Samsung NotiStar now supports Smart Switch to transfer settings

Samsung NotiStar, a module for the company’s Good Lock app, gives you much deeper control over notifications than the options built into One UI 5.0. Today, Samsung has released an updated version of the NotiStar app. The new NotiStar app (v5.1.24.00) supports Samsung Smart Switch, which is a handy addition.

Samsung Smart Switch allows you to transfer photos, videos, music, text messages, calendar events, and device settings from one Android smartphone or tablet to another. Now that Samsung has added support for Smart Switch into NotiStar, Smart Switch will allow you to copy NotiStar settings from one Samsung smartphone to another.

Carry over NotiStar configurations and settings from your old Galaxy phone to a new one

The NotiStar app offers many customization options. So, if you want to utilize each option and customize notifications on a deeper level, setting up the app on a new device could take a lot of time. But if you have already set up the app on your current device, you can quickly transfer those settings to your new device with the updated NotiStar app.

NotiStar also allows you to access the app directly from your smartphone’s lock screen. When you enable the option, an icon with two arrows appears on the lock screen. Swiping up that arrow opens up the NotiStar app. You can customize the color, transparency, as well as position of the icon on the lock screen.

According to Samsung, the app had a bug that created a duplicate entry point on the lock screen. In other words, it displayed a second icon to access the app on the lock screen. The company has now fixed that bug with the latest update. The change log also says that the update fixes “layout bug fix,” but we are unsure what this is about.

The latest update to NotiStar is available in all the regions where the app is available to download. To get the new update, go to Good Lock, tap the icon with three dots (located on the top-right corner of the screen) and click on the Update All button. You will be taken to the Galaxy Store, where the update for NotiStar will start downloading automatically.

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