Samsung Notes app update adds undo/redo, tags and better search

The Samsung Notes app was updated with some bare necessities – undo and redo – as well as a couple of features to help you organize your notes. Here is what’s in version

The first organizational feature is hashtags or, as old people would call them, “tags”. These can be used to group notes into logical units in a flexible manner.

Samsung Notes changelog Undo/redo Adding tags Adding tags
Samsung Notes changelog • Undo/redo • Adding tags

Then there’s Intelligent search, though the function of that isn’t quite clear as the app had search functionality (for both typed and handwritten text) from the get-go.

These new features made their debut on the Galaxy S20 trio, but the app is available to just about every Galaxy phone and tablet that is running Android 7 and newer. You’ll find Samsung Notes in the Galaxy Apps store. It’s also on the Play Store, though that seems to be an older version.


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