Samsung, Merriam-Webster, and Britannica create IoT app for Family Hub

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Samsung has partnered with Encyclopaedia Britannica and Merriam-Webster to create a new IoT app for Family Hub refrigerators. The app pushes content such as Britannica’s On This Day and Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day on Family Hub refrigerators, providing interesting daily facts and trivia to households.Samsung Family Hub refrigerators offer food for thoughtEncyclopaedia Britannica’s On This Day brings daily details – or time capsules – to users on interesting events that occurred on that day in history. It also informs knowledge seekers on historical figures who were born on that day and provides biographies.Similarly, Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day aims to expand your vocabulary by, you guessed it, showcasing a new word every day along with a definition and examples of how these words can be used in a sentence. You can click this link for a quick video preview on how the IoT app works on Family Hub refrigerators, or take a look at the screenshots below.

Word of the Day and On This Day are not exclusive to Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerators, of course, and they can be accessed on the web on pretty much any modern device featuring a web browser. Nevertheless, the bitesize format of the IoT app makes it a perfect fit for the Family Hub lineup. Household members will be able to acquire more knowledge with ease whenever they check their fridge, and the app should inspire family members to engage in interesting conversations.

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