Samsung may soon sell you a $1,100 Galaxy Fold Special Edition

Thought the $1,980 price tag for the original Galaxy Fold was a bit too much? While the world waits for Samsung to launch the device’s successor, it seems that the company has come up with a plan to clear the existing inventory of its first foldable smartphone.Word on the street is that Samsung is planning to launch a cheaper Galaxy Fold Special Edition. With an expected price tag of $1,100, it would make foldable smartphones attainable for a lot more people, even more so than the $1,400 Galaxy Z Flip.A more affordable Galaxy Fold is comingAccording to Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young, Samsung is going to launch a Galaxy Fold Special Edition in July and it will be priced around $1,099. This handset will be made available in limited quantities worldwide, there may only be around 55,000 units to go around. He also mentions that it will look like the original Galaxy Fold.This follows recent rumors about a Galaxy Fold Lite which was also expected to arrive with a $1,100 price tag. Whatever this device ends up being called, it won’t just be the Galaxy Fold with a new price tag. Samsung is likely going to use a mix of components from the last couple of years to put together a device that it can sell at that price.It could opt for a smaller cover display and might not utilize ultra-thin glass for the foldable panel. Base storage may also be 256GB with only a 4G variant being offered. However, rumor has it that it would feature the Snapdragon 865 processor, which would be a step up considering the fact that the original Galaxy Fold came with the Snapdragon 855.A $1,100 Galaxy Fold Special Edition will definitely make foldable smartphones attainable for a lot more people, even though it will only be available in limited quantities. It’s also expected to price the price down somewhat for the Galaxy Fold 2 which is likely to be unveiled in August this year alongside the Galaxy Note 20.Would you be interested in buying the Galaxy Fold Special Edition?

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