Samsung may soon open One UI 2.0 beta to the Galaxy Note 9

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Samsung launched the One UI 2.0 beta for the Galaxy S10 series several weeks ago. It has since expanded the program to the Galaxy Note 10 as well. There was an expectation that it would ultimately add the Galaxy Note 9 to the beta program as well.It appears that Samsung is gearing up to do just that. New firmware has been spotted which suggests that the Galaxy Note 9 might soon be eligible for the One UI 2.0 beta program. This bodes well for the Galaxy S9 series as well.Galaxy Note 9 will likely receive the One UI 2.0 beta soonWe reported last month that Samsung has already started testing Android 10 for the Galaxy Note 9. It has also been doing this for the Galaxy S9. The company didn’t initially confirm if these devices would be added to the beta program.However, given that the Android Pie beta program was opened up for the Galaxy Note 8 last year, there’s a good chance that we might get the One UI 2.0 beta for the Galaxy Note 9. Firmware version N960FXXU4ZSK2 is likely going to be the first beta release for last year’s flagship phablet.Even though the beta has been made available in many markets for the Galaxy S10, many Galaxy Note 10 owners are still waiting for the beta to go live. It has been released in Germany so far. They would certainly appreciate if Samsung rolled out the beta for the Galaxy Note 10 widely before expanding the program to cover the Galaxy Note 9.It should only be a matter of days now before Samsung officially confirms that the Galaxy Note 9 is also eligible for the beta. We may also get to hear the same about the Galaxy S9 series in the near future. Are you excited about getting the beta on the Galaxy Note 9? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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