Samsung may have solved the Galaxy S21 FE mass production issues

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The fate of the Galaxy S21 FE remains relatively uncertain, but Samsung is reportedly working on improving production. The Fan Edition smartphone already missed its alleged launch due to the global semiconductor shortage, and according to the latest, at least one South Korean mobile operator confirmed that domestic launch plans for the Galaxy S21 FE have yet to be established.

So far this month, Samsung reportedly manufactured around 10,000 Galaxy S21 FE units, which is almost insignificant for a device of this caliber. But according to a new report, mass manufacturing is underway for the Galaxy S21 FE in anticipation of a Q4 release — presumably taking place near the end of October. However, South Korean mobile operators have yet to receive any launch details, claims the new report.

Let’s hope it’s not too little and too late

Although Samsung may be churning out more Galaxy S21 FE units, nobody knows exactly how many units the company is looking to manufacture before the end of October. But given the current state of affairs, it might not be enough, especially for an FE-branded phone.

A Fan Edition device is supposed to defy the rules and combine flagship-grade features with a mid-range price. It’s a recipe designed to generate sales figures, which means that the Galaxy S21 FE may be in trouble. Not only is the Galaxy S21 5G already sold for FE prices, but if there won’t be enough Galaxy S21 FE units to go around, it will defeat the purpose of a Fan Edition device that’s supposed to be selling like hotcakes.

Hopefully, Samsung has figured out this supply shortage puzzle and will manufacture enough Galaxy S21 FE units in time, assuming that interest in this upcoming smartphone won’t wane before it hits the shelves.

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