Samsung may get sued for not including a charger with its phones

Samsung is facing backlash for removing wall chargers from flagship phone retail packages. Consumer groups in Brazil are taking legal action against the company, and Samsung isn’t the only one to suffer these consequences. Apple is in a similar situation after it stopped including wall chargers beginning with the iPhone 12.

Samsung stopped including wall chargers with the Galaxy S21 flagship series in 2021. Both Samsung and Apple cite environmental reasons for their decisions, but many customers are unhappy, especially considering that flagship phone prices haven’t changed much.

According to the Ministry of Justice in Brazil (via Telecompaper), more than 900 Procon departments may take legal actions against Samsung and Apple. Procon is the foundation of consumer rights in Brazil.

These departments are to present their case and offer solutions before they reach a final decision as to whether sanctions will be necessary.

Samsung and Apple were fined before

Reportedly, Apple already paid a fine of BRL 10.5 million ($2.07) to the Procon of Sao Paulo.

Samsung also got fined in Fortaleza. In fact, both companies did, according to the report. The latter claims that Samsung and Apple have received fines of BRL 26 million ($5.13). It’s unclear whether this means combined or each.

It’s worth noting that, aside from its premium flagship models, Samsung Brazil does offer a wall charger with non-flagship Galaxy smartphones, or at least the Galaxy A53.

The A53 doesn’t usually come with a charger in other markets. But perhaps to avoid further backlash from customers and rights groups, the company decided to pair the new mid-range phone with a 15W charger for Brazilian customers. Flagship phone buyers aren’t as lucky.

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